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Between Us. To fall between two stools, to float between heaven and earth, to have a choice between two evils, relationships between man and woman. Is there something between them? Between children, the relationship between adults and children. The woman’s relationship to herself. This is between Us. When I paint I relate as much to thinking as to painting. For me it’s about living out my own story, not just listen to other people’s stories. but to create my own, the true and false. When creativity and intelligence set me free, the subconscious works on to find another part, or I’m looking for the light. The colors and all the space between. What’s between us. Between the picture and the one viewing the picture. Ever since I was little I have been fascinated by other people. Those who were better than me in school, the more beautiful, the uglier, the happier, and those who always showed a sense of purpose. Those who were so intelligent. I will probably always be fascinated by other appearance, but as an adult the fascination is mostly about what’s on the inside. I am tiny, always have been, so I think I’ve always experienced things and opinions as strong and convincing. I see life in pictures, thinking, I think and ponder until it appears in the form of a great force or a painting. I believe that what happens between people and me have always been my motivation for painting and drawing. Gradually it is the actual process of painting that fascinates me the most. Oil paint, colors, contrasts and then when I feel so free I become a channel. Painting, first and foremost from an idea, but it is the communication between me and the picture that creates the picture. Then it has become a picture, an expression that is a continuation of my experiences and things that are gathered though my life. The paintings can be read by everybody and experience has shown that most people interpret them through their own experiences. It is motivation. I believe there is a power for motivation in my paintings.
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